Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Why do some lots have two house on them? How is that possible?

The typical home in America is built on it's own piece of beautiful, grassy land that you get to take care of by cutting the grass, weed eating, mulching the flower beds, planting flowers and trees and so much more. But sometimes, your lot of land might have a second home built on the same piece of land, which makes things a little less complicated for lawn maintenance because you get to share it with someone else. You might want to sell my house fast to move into a house like this!
But how in the world can this happen?
Well, simply put: it depends on the zoning of your property. There are different zoning codes and letters and numbers and all of that for every city, county and state in the United States of America, so as you can imagine, there are thousands of different codes used. But the most simple codes use R1 through R10. This is something to think about when you're looking to say, "Where can I sell my house fast."
The R stands for Residential. It lets people know that your piece of land is zoned for residential property and usage only, meaning a single family home that you and your family live in. If it has a C before the number, it means it is Commercial. This means your land that Walmart is built on or your local store or local businesses. If it has an I in front of a number, it means it is zoned for industrial usage. This I is used for a warehouse that manufactures something. For example, Nissan has one of their largest plants in Smyrna, TN, so they have that whole big piece of land zoned as I because it's industrial because they are building goods there. Same would be said for a general mills factory or any other large factory that produces food, clothing, cars, etc.
So how can you have two houses on one lot of land in a residential setting? Typically, it must be zoned R6. If it is zoned R6 that means an investor can buy your lot of land and build 2 houses on the piece of land instead of one, meaning that investor gets to make double the money off of just one piece of land.
If you have questions or need to sell a piece of land zoned R6, you can call Favor Home Solutions because they are experts in dealing with this type of zoning and telling you what the best way to get out of it is.

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