Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How long do people typically stay in their homes?

Like I have previously stated, the American Dream is you and your lovely spouse and your two children living in the suburbia world outside of a big city, living the 9 to 5 lifestyle. You have your white picket fence, typical mini van to cart around the kids to soccer practice and baseball and gymnastics, and waving to all of your neighbors. So how long should you stay in your house and how long before you should say where can I sell my house fast?
The typical American family lives in one residence for five years before moving onto the next home or apartment. That's a lot of moving if you move every five years, but it makes sense if you have enough equity in your home to cash out. The best way to determine your equity is by looking at the market around you. What are homes around you selling for? If homes are selling for more than you paid for, then you need to sell my house fast to cash out because that's an incredibly smart move to make for you and your family.
So if you need to know how long you should live in one place, here's my advice. I believe the best time frame to live in a home is that 3-5 year mark because it gives you enough time to settle, but it gives you enough time to not settle too much if you want to move to make more money. If you have a family with children, I think you should stay somewhere longer, especially while they are in school.
These are the times you should move in my opinion with children: before kindergarten, after 5th grade, after 8th grade and after graduation. These times are best for children to move because they are transitioning out of a school and moving into a new school. Moving at these times will lessen the chance of your child struggling by making new friends and such because they'll be transitioning into a new place anyway.
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