Monday, May 15, 2017

Home Owner's Association (HOA): Should I live with one?

Every house is in a certain city or county that has certain governing rules for how things operate as far as taxes, building codes, inspections, building permits, zoning and many more things. Then, the level of control can be broken down even further. On a smaller scale, each sub division of houses can have their own governing body that has its own set of rules and standards that each house must meet or it can result in fines and even the loss of your house. Who can possibly do this? Well the answer is simple, Home Owner's Associations.
What is a Home Owner's Association? It's more commonly known as an HOA. An HOA is usually over a single subdivision, but sometimes more than one. But they have rules or laws that help maintain the look of each house, the lawn care of each house, the amount of cars you're allowed to have in your driveway and so many more things that each HOA specify for each subdivision they are in. They can even control whether you have a boat or an RV parked in your driveway.
The benefits: you get to have your neighbors not be so messy and be an eye sore. You get to sell your house in a place where your neighbors are junky and move somewhere where your neighbors are clean and tidy.
HOA's can be a great thing if you like things nice and neat, but if you don't want anyone controlling you and your stuff, you may not want to live under an HOA because they will most certainly do just that.
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