Monday, May 15, 2017

Is new construction the best choice for me and my family?

The real estate business is one of the largest in the country, and everyone needs a house to live in because every human requires shelter. Most people buy a home that is used and that has a history of housing countless other families. Families rarely get the opportunity to live in house that is brand new and has never been lived in. Most families don't the chance to say, "You know what, I'm going to sell my house fast for cash and build a brand new house."
The experience of building a new house is not for everyone however. It takes time and lots of patience to make it happen because typically a new build is anywhere from 3-6 months to build. You also have to have the money to build a new house while you pay the mortgage on your other home. This might not be able to be accomplished by everyone.
If you want to sell you house to build a new house, here is what you need to do. You need to decide if this will be the right move for you and your family. Can you afford it? If you can, what design do you want? You have to design the kitchen cabinets, you have to design the floor plan, you have to design the everything there is in the house. We buy houses in Birmingham, Alabama.
You have to build everything and design it all. But the pros out weigh the cons I believe because you get to build a house exactly how you want it. You don't have to deal with poor design choices of someone else in a home you have to live in.
If you would like to make this dream a possibility, I would suggest contacting Favor Home Solutions because they can help buy your current home to give you the money to build your brand new dream home! They really are the best in the business!

Home Owner's Association (HOA): Should I live with one?

Every house is in a certain city or county that has certain governing rules for how things operate as far as taxes, building codes, inspections, building permits, zoning and many more things. Then, the level of control can be broken down even further. On a smaller scale, each sub division of houses can have their own governing body that has its own set of rules and standards that each house must meet or it can result in fines and even the loss of your house. Who can possibly do this? Well the answer is simple, Home Owner's Associations.
What is a Home Owner's Association? It's more commonly known as an HOA. An HOA is usually over a single subdivision, but sometimes more than one. But they have rules or laws that help maintain the look of each house, the lawn care of each house, the amount of cars you're allowed to have in your driveway and so many more things that each HOA specify for each subdivision they are in. They can even control whether you have a boat or an RV parked in your driveway.
The benefits: you get to have your neighbors not be so messy and be an eye sore. You get to sell your house in a place where your neighbors are junky and move somewhere where your neighbors are clean and tidy.
HOA's can be a great thing if you like things nice and neat, but if you don't want anyone controlling you and your stuff, you may not want to live under an HOA because they will most certainly do just that.
If you need to sell your house if you want to move into or out of an HOA, then I suggest you talk to Favor Home Solutions because they are the best when it comes to finding you a home and selling your home. They pay cash for your house, no matter if it's in an HOA or not!

Country living versus City living: Which is best for you?

You can quite easily guess what this article is about based on just the title, but I'm going to more in depth in to what each living situation looks like because each situation is very different from the other. When you're looking to sell your house and move somewhere else, keep these things I'm getting ready to discuss in mind.
The city life is about as convenient as it can possibly get in a life time. You have every thing you need right there at your fingertips. You have restaurants, you have shops, you have grocery stores, you have entertainment, you have movie theaters, you have arcade places, you have a bunch of different walmarts, fifteen Mexican restaurants, and so much more. You have everything within a five mile radius of your home, which makes things extremely convenient for your busy, fast paced life.
Country living, however, is much different. It might take you 20 minutes to get to the nearest Walmart to just get groceries. Grocery shopping is not a when you need it thing, it's a once a week thing that you better hope you buy everything for the next two weeks because you're not making it our to the store at a moments notice. You have one little country store, maybe, that has crazy high prices because of how far out they are located. It's definitely more slow paced, laid back type style.
So for you, which is best? Where do you want to live? No matter the situation, city moving to country to country moving to city, we can help sell your house fast for cash in any area.
You have to decide what is most important to your family: convenience or privacy from the rest of the world. Only then will you be able to make the best decision for you and your family members. Once you're able to do that, then you can contact me about helping you make that move!
I suggest speaking with the experts with Favor Home Solutions because they will be able to guide you wherever you need to go. They know of many investors in any city and any country setting that will meet you and your families needs and wants.

I inherited a house: should I hold it, rent it or sell it?

First and foremost if you're reading this article, I'm so sorry for your loss. I really hate the fact that we have to even discuss this type of thing with other people because I myself have experienced it and I do not wish this upon anyone. In any case, it does happen and you need to know what to do when I inherited a house what do I do?
You have to be thinking to yourself, "What should I do with this house? Should I sell it? Should I rent it? Should I hold it for my children?" Hopefully we can be of some assistance as to what we think you should do with this inherited home you have.
Let's look at option one, selling my inherited home. Chances are, the house you inherited needs work... most likely lots of it because it was most likely an older home. Older homes usually take more to rehab and update because of the sheer age of the home itself. If you don't have the money to sell this inherited home, you will have to sell it to an investor. Keep reading because we'll give you the best investor we know to buy your house as is when it needs repairs.
The second option is to rent it. You could do that but after losing your loved one, you don't want to deal with chasing a tenant around for rent money each and every month because that just causes more stress on your life. Plus you have to be in charge of every single repair that needs to be made. That just causes too much stress. It takes a lot of work to be a land lord.
You can also just hold the property for your children when they get old enough. But that typically is an expensive route too because you have to pay for lawn maintenance, you have to make sure the house is secure and safe and not being broken into and you have to pay yearly taxes on the house. These are just extra expenses you will have.
In our experience, using Favor Home Solutions to sell your inherited home is one of the best answers to your problem because they have dealt with this time after time. They know what you're going through.

What do I need to do in order to sell my house?

If you're asking yourself, what do I need to do in order to sell my house fast, then you're in the right place!
We're excited you asked that question because this blog will help you answer that tough question!
Here are some tips to sell your house at TOP market value, getting the most amount possible for your home when you sell it.
You have to clean, clean, clean everything. By everything, we mean everything. You have to clean the kitchen counters, the kitchen sink, the stove, behind the stove, inside the stove, the refrigerator, behind the refrigerator, inside the refrigerator, the kitchen floors, the kitchen cabinets, you guessed it, the inside and the outside of the kitchen cabinets, the base boards in the kitchen, the air vents in the kitchen, the ceilings to remove cob webs, the window or windows that are in the kitchen. This is a long laundry list of items and I just mentioned things you have to do in just the kitchen alone. This doesn't even company toe everything you have to do that is outside and the rest of the inside of your home.
You have to design everything, like paint colors and cabinets, to be extremely neutral. Your color scheme when your sell your house for full market value cannot be too bold or people will not want to buy your home. You have to appeal to every single buyer out there on the market.
If you need to get some ideas, you can always head down to your local hard ware store like Lowe's or Home Depot or others to get great paint points from paint professionals.
You have to fix things that are broken. If it's broken, you better fix it! No one is going to want a home that is going to need fixing. You have to fix everything, even if it may seem small or stupid. You still need to fix it.
If this seems like a little too much for you to handle, then it's  perfect natural to feel that way. That's what lots of people I know sell with Favor Home Solutions because they take all the hassle of selling your house out of it. They buy houses as is, meaning that you don't have to fix anything at all in the home!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rent or Own — that is the question

People have different opinions of whether they should rent or own a home. Both options have tons of upside, but they also have major downsides. There are people that need both options because of different situations in life, but it can be a major obstacle to buy a house. The typical median age for renting a home is 24. So that means that mainly young people are renting homes because they are the ones that need it the most, but there are still people in their later years that rent because that's just easier for them. So what should you do? Should you say I'm going to sell my house fast to rent or I'm going to buy a house to own?
When you rent a house, you have a landlord that owns the home, and he/she is in charge of things that  may go wrong. Let's say that the HVAC unit goes caput and you're stuck with no air conditioning in the middle of July. That's going to be huge expense... for the home owner. The home owner who you rent from will take care of all the repairs in the home because that's their duty to fulfill. If you owned a home, you'd have to do it all yourself! You'd be out 4,000 to 5,000 dollars because of that one thing that happened. 
So as you see, renting has the benefits of fixing all of those major repairs. However, with renting, you lose the ability to make it your home. You can't paint the walls the colors you want, you can't renovate a house to make it the open or closed concept you'd like for it to be, you can't extend your driveway, you can't do lots of things! Any work you do in a rental home that updates and upkeeps the home does absolutely nothing for you, but it just makes the owner of that home more and more money with your hard, sweat equity. This is where owning a home is amazing.
Owning a home, you can do whatever you want to your home. You can paint it, you can extend a driveway, you can pour a patio out back, you can do so many different things that you couldn't do if you rented a home.
If you need help finding a home or selling you home, give Favor Home Solutions a call or check out their website because they can help you get into a rental or they can help you buy a home!

How long do people typically stay in their homes?

Like I have previously stated, the American Dream is you and your lovely spouse and your two children living in the suburbia world outside of a big city, living the 9 to 5 lifestyle. You have your white picket fence, typical mini van to cart around the kids to soccer practice and baseball and gymnastics, and waving to all of your neighbors. So how long should you stay in your house and how long before you should say where can I sell my house fast?
The typical American family lives in one residence for five years before moving onto the next home or apartment. That's a lot of moving if you move every five years, but it makes sense if you have enough equity in your home to cash out. The best way to determine your equity is by looking at the market around you. What are homes around you selling for? If homes are selling for more than you paid for, then you need to sell my house fast to cash out because that's an incredibly smart move to make for you and your family.
So if you need to know how long you should live in one place, here's my advice. I believe the best time frame to live in a home is that 3-5 year mark because it gives you enough time to settle, but it gives you enough time to not settle too much if you want to move to make more money. If you have a family with children, I think you should stay somewhere longer, especially while they are in school.
These are the times you should move in my opinion with children: before kindergarten, after 5th grade, after 8th grade and after graduation. These times are best for children to move because they are transitioning out of a school and moving into a new school. Moving at these times will lessen the chance of your child struggling by making new friends and such because they'll be transitioning into a new place anyway.
If you need someone to help you find that 3-5 year or longer home for you, give a call to Favor Home Solutions because they can buy your old home and they can point you in the direction of where to buy a home from. There are lots of different options out there but Favor Home Solutions is definitely a great choice!